Your website should be as unique as your brand. Tell your story, your way.

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Purpose Driven

Before you build a website, have a clearly defined goal of what you are using it for that is directly linked to how much money you want to make

Determine if you are you using your site to convert potential customers, launch an event, or raise awareness on a particular topic you are uniquely qualified to speak on.

Knowing 75% of people have judged a company’s credibility based on its website design, it’s more important than ever to have a professional, user-friendly website with a specific purpose.


With almost 75 million users, WordPress is the most used website builder we have today.


Websites usually need a re-haul every 2-3 years because design standards are changing so rapidly. What was professional 5 years ago, looks out of date today.

Mobile friendly

More than 50% of all website searches and 90% of online purchases happen on a mobile device.


Every entrepreneur should know and understand their numbers! Stop making wild guesses and start making informed decisions.

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Free 30-minute consultation

Your website has to integrate well with every aspect of your marketing strategy from brand awareness to ad traffic to sales. In our call, we will walk through the three components that have to be in place when building and launching your website. 

Choose Your Design Package

Schedule a free consultation to discuss the best option for your business goals.

Investment: $3,500

The Starter package

A one page website design with up to two additional subpages like blog, team, contact. Includes:

Investment: $5,200

The Essential package

A full website design with a variety of custom pages. Includes:

Investment: Starting at $8,500

The Pro package

A professional design perfect for a blog, service-based, or portfolio website. Includes:

client Pre-Work

Here’s what you’ll need to provide before your website build date:


Logo, color palette, mood board

If you don’t have branding, you can add this to your website project. Scroll down for details.


The words on your website

You’ll provide your website copy. Many of my clients write the copy themselves. I am happy to do light copy-editing during the site build. I can also make recommendations if you’d like help with this step. 


Custom images for your website

You’ll provide all custom images for your site. Brand photography is a great way to personalize your site. If this isn’t part of your budget at this time, we can curate stock photos (don’t worry, we won’t use the cheesy images).

Additional Packages

Available as add-ons to any website design package

Investment: $2,250

Ultimate Branding

Before we jump into the website build, you’ll fill out a brand questionnaire and provide a vision / Pinterest board. Don’t worry, you’ll receive clear guidance on what’s needed. 

You’ll receive a logo that represents your brand, a color palette for use on your website, social media, and print materials, and a mini style guide.  This add-on includes:

Investment: $500

Mini Branding

This is a great option if you already have a logo you love but want to make sure your brand colors and typography align with the next iteration of your business. You’ll fill out a brand questionnaire and provide a vision / Pinterest board. Don’t worry, you’ll receive clear guidance on what’s needed. 

You’ll receive a color palette and font system for use on your website, social media, and print materials, and a mini style guide.  This add-on includes:

Investment: $1,750

Launch Campaign Setup

Let’s get you set up for email marketing! Requires a subscription to a CMS like MailChimp or FloDesk. This add-on includes:


Most frequently asked questions

That’s a great question! A web designer is skilled in modern website design, has an understanding of UX (user experience) and UI (user interface), and understands how to combine design and functionality. 

It depends on a few things: 

1- Your level of expertise. If you’re brand new to building a website you may need a designer. Building a website is time consuming and can take time away from your clients and customers.

2- Your budget. If you’ve recently launched a business, your website is not the place to pinch pennies. It is a phenomenal way to receive new leads and customers. 

3- Your goals. If you’re building technology-centered platform, you should work with a developer (I know a few talented developers! Let me know if you need a recommendation.) If you are building a service-based, consumer product, or lifestyle company, you may benefit from working with a designer.

In short, if you have no programming experience, no experience in WordPress, and little to no marketing experience, you need a web designer.

I work exclusively with small businesses. If you are a service-based, eCommerce, or lifestyle company, we may be a good fit for each other. 

The initial consultation is 30 minutes.

In the initial consultation we’ll talk through your company goals, the purpose of your website, you’ll learn more about my process, and we’ll decide if we’re the right fit for each other.

Website design projects are an investment for both of us. Before we jump into a working relationship, we need to make sure we are the right fit for each other AND we also need to make sure we accurately capture everything you need to build your site. 

Yes. There are payment plans available. We can talk through your options in detail in our initial consultation.

No. Prior to the start of our project, you will receive a proposal detailing each aspect and its respective fee based on your needs outlined in the initial consultation. The fee on the invoice you receive will  mirror the plan you choose in your proposal.

You can receive up to a 15% discount, depending on the package chosen, if you pay in full at the start of your project.

That completely depends on you. Once you’ve completed the pre-work and shared all of the content copy, I can turn your website around in as little as 2 weeks. However, this requires that you make our check-in calls and provide feedback within the allotted time.